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I’m proud to announce a new product Honest Code is working on, tentatively named PadEdit. PadEdit is a rudimentary IDE that lives on your deployment server, and lets you edit HTML, CSS, PHP, and any other text-based files directly on your server.

Here’s a demo:


While it’s not close to being fully-baked yet, PadEdit was developed as a quick way to edit files on your (or your client’s) server when you’re away from your favorite IDE. Say, for example, you’re on vacation and you’ve only brought your iPad. You client calls in a panic, requesting a change to the website — something that, if you were at the office, would take only a minute or two to fix.

With PadEdit, you can go to a custom URL in your iPad’s browser, enter a password, edit your files, and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

As the name implies, we’re keeping the iPad at the top of our mind, but PadEdit works great in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other WebKit-based browsers (including those on Android handsets). Features (so far) include:

  • Text editor with line number
  • File list with draggable files into the editor area for quick linking
  • File and folder addition
  • File uploading, renaming, and deletion
  • Resizable editor and file list panes
  • Resolution-independent UI

My to-do list includes:

  • WYSIWYG file editing (once iPad support for this becomes more robust)
  • Syntax coloring
  • More robust security
  • Edit history retention

We’d also like to fork PadEdit at some point to create a CushyCMS-like replacement. PadEdit is still a long way from becoming production software, and I’m not releasing it just yet. There are a few more improvements I’d like to make before unleashing it on an unsuspecting world.

If you’re interested in PadEdit, though, let me know! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on its progress.

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