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Sencha Touch is a new framework for developing rich iPhone and iPad applications. It combines ExtJS and jqTouch for a pretty compelling demo.

If you’re boggled at exactly how many different icon files you have to generate for your next iPhone or iPad application, Cocoia has a nice Photoshop template to help. (Via @nevenmrgan.)

While we’re working hard on PadEdit, our server-based simple IDE for the travelling developer, Codeita is making headway with a service-based approach. Instead of having your IDE on a computer, your IDE lives with Codeita, and you trust all your FTP information to them. (We think PadEdit’s better, personally, but that’s just us. Look for more exciting PadEdit updates next week.)

LaunchList is a universal checklist that can apply to nearly every website development project. It’s a handy reminder for the home stretch.

If you’re a WordPress developer like me, you will likely be interested to know more about WordPress 3’s new custom post types, and customizing templates with custom post types in mind.

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