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I’m proud to announce our first major revision of PadEdit: 1.0! It’s free, and available for everyone to download at

PadEdit is an iPad-optimized, browser-based IDE that lives on your web server. So, if you’re on vacation or away from your computer (even with just your iPad, iPhone, or Android handset), you can still make edits to your website. PadEdit is designed to be small, fast, and easy to install. Just upload the folder to your web server, set a password, and you’re good to go.

For those that saw our last video about PadEdit, here’s another walkthrough of two new features: File versions and Coda clips importing:


Coda clips is still very much a beta feature, so if you have any feedback on that, please let me know through Twitter or by emailing us at padedit (at) Thanks in advance for your support and feedback, and be sure to look forward to lots of updates soon!

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