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Our first update to peggd, version 1.0.1, is now available in the App Store. Go get it! This version includes these notable changes:

  • You can import pages that already exist on Just tap the + button, choose “Import a Page,” enter the URL, and you’re done. Make edits if you have the password, view and share the page if you don’t.
  • Peggd asks for a password before deleting pages now. Hopefully this reduces the number of “oops” moments in your life.
  • I fixed a problem where the app had trouble displaying some special characters in titles. UTF-8 encoding for the win.
  • It’s now available in every App Store ever! It’s still in English, though, but if you’re interested in helping localize peggd for your language, let me know!

More changes are coming down the road, too! Stay tuned. We’ve got exciting news about PadEdit coming up, too.

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