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Honest Code would like to take a moment to remember one of our finest employees, who is moving on to a better life: Our Hewlett Packard FAX 700.

The FAX 700 started its life in 1994, working diligently at Programmer’s Tool Shed, my father’s company, replacing one of those fax machines (a Brother, I believe; the sociopolitical impacts of this being a conversation for another time) with the heat-sensitive paper rolls. There it stayed, day-in and day-out, handling plain-paper faxes with grace and aplomb, working its way through countless HP 26 ink cartridges.

In 2007, the FAX 700 — all 50 pounds of it — joined Robert Palmer, earning a spot handling the once-a-month returned estimate form, or sending paperwork to the bank or the insurance company. Its age started to show: It could only handle one piece of paper fed at a time, which meant sending a 10 page fax was a 20 minute, intimate affair, gently adding pages to the feeder as the previous page went through.

Now, the FAX 700, 17 years later, finer than many fine scotches, is retiring to a life of ease and simplicity. (Actually, it’s being recycled.)

In its honor, we are retiring our old fax number, and acquiring a new one.

Godspeed, great communicator. Godspeed.

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