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I’m a big fan of Delivereads, Dave Pell‘s Kindle-specific interesting article website. The trouble is, my Kindle is the original snowspeeder version, and it costs money to send articles to it. Plus, I don’t take it much farther than my nightstand, generally.

I’ve just started using Instapaper, too, and I know I’m late to that party. Michelle’s iPad is frequently on the couch, and having Instapaper articles just handy to read there is nice.

So I had my peanut butter, and I had my chocolate, but I had no good way to combine the two. I asked Dave Pell if he was going to start accepting Instapaper email addresses in Delivereads, and I got no reply.

So, I built Paperboy. Paperboy goes and fetches the headlines on the Delivereads home page, and saves them to your reading list if you provide your Instapaper username and password.

It does this all through Instapaper’s JSON interface, and none of the usernames and passwords are ever stored. It works great on your iPad, too.

It’s a slightly manual process, since Delivereads is updated sort of irregularly (though usually on the same day of the week). I figure it’s easier to go and load it up yourself whenever you feel like something new to read.

If you like it, great! We hope you do. If you’re Dave Pell and you think I’m stealing from you, then I’m terribly sorry, and please email me.

Try Paperboy.

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