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I really hate to disappoint, but I’m (hopefully only temporarily) pulling the peggd app from the Apple App Store. The reason is this: When you try to edit a saved page using peggd and iOS 5, the app crashes. Boo. Your changes are saved, however, but the crashing is annoying.

The app is a little over a year old, and since I haven’t really done a whole lot of iOS programming in the meantime, my skills are rusty as all getout. Add to that a new IDE, new requirements for iOS 5, and the fact that the app is in desperate need of a facelift. There’s no way I’m going to be able to promise a timetable for fixing all the issues I know need to be fixed.

I do apologize to all of peggd’s fans, and I hope to be able to start on a new version soon. In the meantime, the web app works great! Give it a try.

Thanks again!

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