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As the adage goes, the second a web designer launches his new site is the same second he starts working on his next site design. Guilty as charged.

I could go on about all the details I grew to dislike about the old site — the low-contrast color scheme, the unbalanced footer, the page weight. Instead, I’ll go on about the things this new design does better.

It’s built with Bootstrap

If I didn’t just get married, I could easily say I’m in a serious relationship with Twitter Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a growing, actively-developed framework that provides a strong foundation for any site. It offers attractive defaults for navigation, typography, forms, tables, and plenty of other objects. It builds upon tried-and-true grid systems like to make scaffolding and floats almost effortless. If that weren’t enough, it also offers tightly integrated jQuery bundles to take care of things like image carousels, popovers, and modal dialogs. If you didn’t stop reading this paragraph halfway through to check it out, you should really do that now.

It’s responsive

Did I mention that Bootstrap offers a responsive scaffolding foundation? Just try resizing your browser window right now. Nice, right? It’s all baked in. This goes along with a trend we’re finding with some of our newer clients — responsive design is definitely the way forward. It may be challenging for developers to adapt the same HTML codebase to a variety of different stylesheets, but that’s what makes this job interesting.

It’s Retina Ready

It’s amazing how the third-generation iPad suddenly made really awesome websites look pretty terrible. We’ve taken this to heart, and (at least started) to get things nicer looking on higher-resolution displays. First, the project type icons, along with the site logo, are SVG files now, so they should look crisp at any size. Plus, I’ll be adding new portfolio items with larger images that look better zoomed in.

It helps you pay your invoices

As promised earlier this year, Honest Code now accepts payment by credit card. This is thanks to Stripe, and their easy-to-implement payment stack that I like more the more I use it. If you have an outstanding invoice, and you’d like to pay with a credit card, head over to our Make a Payment area and settle up.

Lastly, I’ve posted some new work from our friends at The Starmack Group, Traina Design, Reichel-Pugh Yacht Design, FUTEK, The Skateboard Mag, University of San Diego, Sbicca, and the Conejo Valley Rotary Club. We’ve been busy.

I do hope you like the improvements to the site — hopefully they make it easier and faster to get the information you need. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know.

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