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About Us

Honest Code is one guy: Robert Palmer. Since 1997, Robert has designed and built websites from the ground up for large and small customers all over the country. After a decade working in-house and at agencies in southern California, Robert started his own company, under his own name. In 2010, he finally got around to filing the paperwork, and Honest Code was born.

In addition to website design, Robert is an award-winning print designer and technical illustrator. He designed almost all of Iomega’s retail packaging for five years. In what spare time he has, he enjoys hiking, amateur astronomy, and traveling. He has an extensive collection of airline safety cards and an unhealthy fascination with light rail transit. He’s married to his wife Michelle, and they have two cats, Barracuda and AT-AT.

Naming the company “Honest Code” wasn’t something taken lightly: We value honesty, integrity and candor above all things. We want your company to succeed too: But we can’t rightly help you unless we’re upfront about what we believe. If you believe in a policy of open, plain-language communication, well, then we’ll probably get along like gangbusters.

Honest Code has one rule: If something is wrong, make it right. If we see something, we speak up. Sure, that typo on your homepage might have come straight from the CEO — and we’ve learned to pick our battles — but we’re not afraid to take the fight to the top. If we believe in it, we’ll make it happen.

We’re transparent about our process, and forthright about billing. We don’t hide expenses, and we mark up things that we buy for your project a little. After we’re done, you own what we make, as much as we can transfer ownership to you. (All this is detailed in our statements of work, which we value and honor.)

Our number-one rule applies to us, too. We love to experiment, but if something doesn’t work, we fix it. Having a good, two-way relationship with our clients is the best part of our job: We only like working with clients we like working with. Honest.

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