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Thoughts on American Censorship

January 18, 2012

Laws like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT-IP Act (PIPA), on the surface, make a lot of sense. Piracy is a problem. Theft of intellectual property is indeed a problem. I and my customers have been victims of it ourselves. SOPA and PIPA try to solve these problems, but (a) do so in a circumventable way, and (b) punish legitimate businesses in the process. It’s bad legislation, and it needs to be stopped. Read More …

peggd app for iOS is on hiatus

October 10, 2011

I really hate to disappoint, but I’m (hopefully only temporarily) pulling the peggd app from the Apple App Store. The reason is this: When you try to edit a saved page using peggd and iOS 5, the app crashes. Boo. Your changes are saved, however, but the crashing is annoying.

The app is a little over a year old, and since I haven’t really done a whole lot of iOS programming in the meantime, my skills are rusty as all getout. Add to that a new IDE, new requirements for iOS 5, and the fact that the app is in desperate need of a facelift. There’s no way I’m going to be able to promise a timetable for fixing all the issues I know need to be fixed.

I do apologize to all of peggd’s fans, and I hope to be able to start on a new version soon. In the meantime, the web app works great! Give it a try.

Thanks again!

Peggd 1.0.1 now available

November 12, 2010

Our first update to peggd, version 1.0.1, is now available in the App Store. Go get it! This version includes these notable changes:

  • You can import pages that already exist on Just tap the + button, choose “Import a Page,” enter the URL, and you’re done. Make edits if you have the password, view and share the page if you don’t.
  • Peggd asks for a password before deleting pages now. Hopefully this reduces the number of “oops” moments in your life.
  • I fixed a problem where the app had trouble displaying some special characters in titles. UTF-8 encoding for the win.
  • It’s now available in every App Store ever! It’s still in English, though, but if you’re interested in helping localize peggd for your language, let me know!

More changes are coming down the road, too! Stay tuned. We’ve got exciting news about PadEdit coming up, too.

peggd is go!

October 25, 2010

Today we announce something exciting: Honest Code has released its first iOS application: peggd! peggd is an easy way to create web pages without having to know HTML or buy web hosting.

If you’ve ever had to quickly give someone directions, post a resume, or just save your work, peggd is for you. Just type a title and your content, and you can save it with a nice short URL (perfect for tweeting or texting).

We quietly soft-launched peggd’s companion web application a few weeks ago.

peggd is available for $1.99 in the App Store.


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