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Purple Cloud

Purple Cloud is a unique communications platform that connects prospective customers with salespeople at their nearest and most convenient retailer. With chat, video, audio, and photo sharing, Purple Cloud smooths out the sales process, making someone ready to buy the minute they step in the store. Read More


Dretloh Aircraft Supply

As a small, family-owned company, Dretloh Aircraft Supply, Inc. had successfully leveraged their connections to grow over several decades. Despite being a pillar of their industry, they hadn’t had a chance to develop a logo or website for themselves. Looking to expand their business, they needed a solid visual foundation to spread their wings. Read More


Microsoft Born to Learn

Microsoft Learning wanted a logo for their blog that captured what it was like to really grok something new: You’re so pumped, you feel like your brain is on fire.


Fiera Roma

How you do build an identity for a convention center in one of the world’s most beautiful cities? Draw from the architecture of the building, but offer a no-nonsense business alternative, just in case.



More than just Zip drives, Iomega provides innovative storage solutions for home, business and enterprise. Their retail packaging had one goal: Get the customer to pick up the box.




Honest Code created product graphics that say “organic,” but not “granola.”


The Flickcast

For this film and television blog, Honest Code went for a gritty, 35mm film-based identity, using authentic elements scanned from film picked up at a flea market.


Michelle Miller

Michelle is a chemist with a difference: With over a decade in creating custom hair care, skin care, and over-the-counter cosmetic products, she’s nobody’s average lab-rat. Her website is no different, showcasing her many talents.


Style on the Move

Starting a small, local business takes some tender loving care.
Read More


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