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Mobile Site Building

Water Savings Calculator

For this leading irrigation equipment manufacturer, saving customers’ liquid assets — pure H2O — is built into the company’s DNA. When they wanted to build an web-based mobile application that shows just how much water Hunter can save you, they turned to Honest Code. Read More


The Sofia Hotel

The Sofia Hotel is a smart, urban, tech-friendly boutique hotel that wanted to offer its guests more than just a website. The hotel’s mobile site is a tour guide, a concierge, and reservations desk all in the palm of your hand.


FatPencil Logbook

There are plenty of online logbooks for pilots, but FatPencil wanted one designed specifically with the user in mind. With formatting designed to fit the screen of your web browser — and your iPad — this logbook solution is tailor-made for the pilot on the go. Built with PHP and jQuery. Read More


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