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Standards-Compliant Site Building

Fourpenny House

Our friends at Bex Brands created a friendly, beautiful single-page website for Fourpenny House, a new brewpub in La Mesa, California. Honest Code was thrilled to turn their flat layouts into fluid, responsive HTML with subtle animations and robust social media functionality.


Purple Cloud

Purple Cloud is a unique communications platform that connects prospective customers with salespeople at their nearest and most convenient retailer. With chat, video, audio, and photo sharing, Purple Cloud smooths out the sales process, making someone ready to buy the minute they step in the store. Read More


Mobile First Conference

MoPub needed a conference website — fast. With a registration deadline looming, and a major acquisition on the horizon, MoPub called on Honest Code to deliver a responsive, mobile-friendly website in just a few days. Read More


Dretloh Aircraft Supply

As a small, family-owned company, Dretloh Aircraft Supply, Inc. had successfully leveraged their connections to grow over several decades. Despite being a pillar of their industry, they hadn’t had a chance to develop a logo or website for themselves. Looking to expand their business, they needed a solid visual foundation to spread their wings. Read More


Reef Experience

Reef Experience is a theme park attraction concept aimed at an up-and-coming beachside resort development that wants to create an experience that guests will want to visit time and time again. Featuring opportunities to interact with both live and replica ocean species, Reef Experience both educates and entertains. Read More

Cloud storage services anymore are a dime-a-dozen. What most people don’t know is that they’re letting these services — and their employees — read their most sensitive documents whether they care or not.’ value proposition takes individual privacy to heart — even they don’t know what’s on their server. Read More


Run Time Calculator

Hunter Industries manufactures the most advanced irrigation products in the world. Sensitive, precise, and flexible, they can keep your landscape looking picture perfect while saving money on your water bill. If, that is, they’re set up properly. Read More



The Jordan Opportunity Fund is a unique investment vehicle headed by Jerry Jordan: Designed to be flexible and opportunistic in strategy, they wanted a website that reflected the same values. Read More


USD Honor Roll

The University of San Diego, located high above the city in Linda Vista, is blessed to have a large number of donors — and a large amount of donations. Over 20,000 individuals, families, foundations, and corporations donate tens of millions of dollars to the university every year. Read More


Conejo Valley Car Classic

This simple, one-page website was developed pro-bono to promote the annual car show organized by the Rotary Club of Conejo Valley and Thousand Oaks. Read More


Ten Stories

For this top-of-the-line video production agency, Honest Code created an easy way for them to showcase their video projects. Using WordPress, jQuery, and Thickbox, adding and sharing new projects is a breeze.
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Honest Code created product graphics that say “organic,” but not “granola.”


Maîtres du Temps

For this premium wristwatch manufacturer, only the best will do. Honest Code built an XML-based press materials section that allows consistent and easy updates, along with a WordPress-driven clippings gallery.


Dinner Studio

Using state-of-the-art jQuery and PHP, Honest Code built a custom shopping cart for this local retailer that makes dinners for families too busy to cook for themselves. Read More


Michelle Miller

Michelle is a chemist with a difference: With over a decade in creating custom hair care, skin care, and over-the-counter cosmetic products, she’s nobody’s average lab-rat. Her website is no different, showcasing her many talents.


FatPencil Logbook

There are plenty of online logbooks for pilots, but FatPencil wanted one designed specifically with the user in mind. With formatting designed to fit the screen of your web browser — and your iPad — this logbook solution is tailor-made for the pilot on the go. Built with PHP and jQuery. Read More


Style on the Move

Starting a small, local business takes some tender loving care.
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