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USD Olympic Giveaway

The University of San Diego worked with NBC and local businesses to raise awareness for their Leading Change fundraising campaign. As part of the campaign, Honest Code built this single-page website, designed by USD’s Advancement Marketing department. Read More


Leading Change

The University of San Diego set an enormous fundraising goal for themselves: $300 million over the course of five years. Read More


USD Homecoming

Homecoming is a big deal at the University of San Diego —€” friends and family are invited to campus for dinners, social events, and (perhaps most importantly) football. Read More


USD Founder’s Gala

Presented with a layout strongly complementing the printed material produced for the University of San Diego’s Founder’s Gala, Honest Code created a statement-piece website that works responsively on desktops, tablets, and handsets.


Frontier Water Systems

Frontier Water is an upstart in the world of water filtration — everything from providing drinking water in crisis situations to mitigating environmental damage from industrial tailings. Read More


Traina Design

Several years ago, Honest Code had built Traina Design’s website, and when they decided on a rebrand (and a relocation), they came back for seconds. Read More


Bex Brands

We’ve worked with Bex Brands before — most notably on sites for Vida Pilates, Robin Borrelli and her cabinetmaker husband Michael — but they finally found some time in their busy schedule to work on their own website. Read More


VIDA Pilates

VIDA Pilates Studio opened its brand-new location in La Jolla in June 2013, and needed a brand-new identity to go along with it. Bex Brands worked with VIDA to work out their new look, and Honest Code turned it into a custom WordPress theme. Read More


Borrelli Design

For this custom cabinet-maker, “hand crafted” means more than just pushing pixels around. Michael Borrelli creates wooden works of art, and designs entire rooms around them. Read More


92101 Condo Guru

Alan Hamrick not only lives in Downtown San Diego, he breathes it. It’s his air, his water, his living, his entertainment, and his family. So it made sense for him, as a real estate agent, to rebrand himself as the singular source for information about living downtown. Read More



Reichel-Pugh builds performance yachts — and not just any old performance yachts, either — they build nothing but award-winners, including several America’s Cups. Read More


Great Ecology

Environmental consulting is a very broad field — anyone from your local gardener to a multinational conglomerate can provide some flavor of it. Wetlands preservation, restoration, and navigating the complex waters of governmental regulation are not skills that just anyone with a pickup and a lawn mower can handle. Read More


Robin Borrelli, Realtor

Real estate professionals already have a lot of pressure on their time — maintaining their website doesn’t need to be one of them. So, a lot of companies have sprouted up offering web site services to Realtors. Trouble is, these sites look awful are real fixer-uppers. Read More


Luce et Studio

This nationally-recognized architecture and design firm needed to replace their aging Flash site with something visually exciting, simple to maintain, and compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices. Honest Code built a WordPress theme to not only serve as a portfolio of work, but also included a unique navigation scheme.


Phyllis Hawkins

Nationally recognized as Arizona’s premier law recruiter, Phyllis Hawkins wanted to extend her connections and experience online. With a site built on WordPress, she can share her wisdom with readers not only in the southwest, but nationwide.


Ten Stories

For this top-of-the-line video production agency, Honest Code created an easy way for them to showcase their video projects. Using WordPress, jQuery, and Thickbox, adding and sharing new projects is a breeze.
Read More


The Flickcast

For this film and television blog, Honest Code went for a gritty, 35mm film-based identity, using authentic elements scanned from film picked up at a flea market.


Access to Independence

When website accessibility is critically important to your customers, you come to Honest Code. With over 30 years helping people with disabilities all over Southern California, Access to Independence needed a site they could update themselves, yet be compatible, attractive, and easy to use with their customers’ most popular screen reading and magnification software.


Y16 Conference

Designing for designers can be tough. Seen + Noted had been through two rounds already with the board of the local AIGA chapter, who hosts the Y Conference every year. Finally, after winning buyoff the third time around, Seen + Noted came to Honest Code to crank out a WordPress theme supporting a unique vertical navigation scheme.


Microsoft Bus Tours

Hang on: WordPress blogs? For Microsoft? You got it: Honest Code made it happen. Sometimes in large organizations, work just needs to get done. And when it does, they call Honest Code. We built a flexible, standards-compliant solution that looks and works well in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 — as well as their competitors’ browsers.



This venture-funded biotech startup needed to look classy — and fast. With a new name and look from Traina Design, they needed a site they could edit themselves … by Saturday. They were on the flight to their premiere trade show when the site launched. A week later, they announced $13 million in new funding.


La Valencia Hotel

An art-deco jewel in downtown La Jolla, the upscale La Valencia hotel already has a rich visual history. However, they needed a website a little more modern than just “mid-century modern.” Built with WordPress, the front desk can easily add promotions, maintain an activities calendar for guests, and update menus for their five restaurants.


Hold It Contemporary Home

Like their name would imply, Hold It Contemporary Home needed a new website that looked and worked, well, contemporarily. Built on a WordPress foundation, the site makes liberal use of large images and classic typefaces from They wanted to keep the existing look and feel for their blog — developed elsewhere at great expense — so Honest Code built a unique “two-in-one” theme that brings their new, updated look to just the areas they need it to.


NetHope Academy

NetHope Academy trains locals in disaster areas to be IT professionals — providing the skills to rebuild lives and lift individuals, families, and entire communities out of poverty.

Read More


Dinner Studio

Using state-of-the-art jQuery and PHP, Honest Code built a custom shopping cart for this local retailer that makes dinners for families too busy to cook for themselves. Read More


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