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Cloud storage services anymore are a dime-a-dozen. What most people don’t know is that they’re letting these services — and their employees — read their most sensitive documents whether they care or not.’ value proposition takes individual privacy to heart — even they don’t know what’s on their server. Read More



FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. specializes in making sensors of all sizes that measure things like torque, pressure, and physical load. Read More


Microsoft Born to Learn

Microsoft Learning wanted a logo for their blog that captured what it was like to really grok something new: You’re so pumped, you feel like your brain is on fire.


Fiera Roma

How you do build an identity for a convention center in one of the world’s most beautiful cities? Draw from the architecture of the building, but offer a no-nonsense business alternative, just in case.


Mondo Mint

How do you make a product easy to set up — without using words? We made it happen.


Miriello Grafico

Everything Italian notecard series: Letterpress notecard design and production for a Miriello Grafico project. The project won many awards from HOW, Communication Arts, Print, and Graphic Design USA. Read More


Hewlett Packard

Part of HP’s most profitable division, at the time, the Large Format Printing group, needed to make their point in a big way. From a library of high-resolution images used to demonstrate plotters’ amazing color capability to swatch books of printing materials, HP didn’t do anything small.



Designed for easy output by manufacturers in Asia, these stunning packages incorporated complex holographic effects and multiple die cuts. Production for a Miriello Grafico client.



More than just Zip drives, Iomega provides innovative storage solutions for home, business and enterprise. Their retail packaging had one goal: Get the customer to pick up the box.



Style on the Move

Starting a small, local business takes some tender loving care.
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