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Purple Cloud

Purple Cloud is a unique communications platform that connects prospective customers with salespeople at their nearest and most convenient retailer. With chat, video, audio, and photo sharing, Purple Cloud smooths out the sales process, making someone ready to buy the minute they step in the store. Read More


Mobile First Conference

MoPub needed a conference website — fast. With a registration deadline looming, and a major acquisition on the horizon, MoPub called on Honest Code to deliver a responsive, mobile-friendly website in just a few days. Read More


Dretloh Aircraft Supply

As a small, family-owned company, Dretloh Aircraft Supply, Inc. had successfully leveraged their connections to grow over several decades. Despite being a pillar of their industry, they hadn’t had a chance to develop a logo or website for themselves. Looking to expand their business, they needed a solid visual foundation to spread their wings. Read More


Reef Experience

Reef Experience is a theme park attraction concept aimed at an up-and-coming beachside resort development that wants to create an experience that guests will want to visit time and time again. Featuring opportunities to interact with both live and replica ocean species, Reef Experience both educates and entertains. Read More



The Jordan Opportunity Fund is a unique investment vehicle headed by Jerry Jordan: Designed to be flexible and opportunistic in strategy, they wanted a website that reflected the same values. Read More


Great Ecology

Environmental consulting is a very broad field — anyone from your local gardener to a multinational conglomerate can provide some flavor of it. Wetlands preservation, restoration, and navigating the complex waters of governmental regulation are not skills that just anyone with a pickup and a lawn mower can handle. Read More


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Newtella: Good, nutty links for Jun 17

Today, we’re introducing a new feature to the blog, called Newtella. It’s something you’ve probably already seen in blogs before: the sweet, nutty list o’links that you can spread all over your work. We’ll periodically collect up the good stuff we’ve found, and pass it on to you.

  • Making an iPad HTML5 App & making it really fast: Thomas Fuchs dissects his recent “Every Time Zone” iPad application, and finds out what can bog down HTML5 and CSS3. Hidden Gem: Code for a micro-tiny convenience JavaScript framework that’s a fraction of the size of jQuery, but handles a lot of the more popular functions.
  • You might have seen one of our tweets about Square, a startup that’s making credit card processing easier for small businesses. Just connect up their card swiper to your iPhone or Android device, and you can take credit card payments. They’ve been having some trouble getting the readers shipped out, and also getting underwritten for all these transactions they’ll be doing (hey, credit card processing is hard). It looks like the dongles, though, are finally on their way.
  • is a new web app kind of like LinkedIn-lite: It’s just there to let you recommend others you know and trust for work. We’ve recommended some of our partners, too.
  • If you’re fretting over HTML5, there’s a new book you might consider getting from Jeremy Keith and the folks at A List Apart called HTML5 for Web Designers. It’s available for pre-order right now for $18. A steal.
  • Last but not least, our good client FatPencil had their iPhone application approved (opens iTunes). Pilots of the world, go forth and log your time.

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