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Run Time Calculator

Hunter Industries manufactures the most advanced irrigation products in the world. Sensitive, precise, and flexible, they can keep your landscape looking picture perfect while saving money on your water bill. If, that is, they’re set up properly. Read More



Build simple, easy-to-read web pages in a snap. With beautiful CSS3 fonts, you can create a good-looking web page with its own unique URL in seconds, all from the palm of your hand.



PadEdit is an iPad-optimized, browser-based IDE that lives on your web server. Just upload the folder, set a password, and you’re good to go.

PadEdit is also available on GitHub.


Dinner Studio

Using state-of-the-art jQuery and PHP, Honest Code built a custom shopping cart for this local retailer that makes dinners for families too busy to cook for themselves. Read More


FatPencil Logbook

There are plenty of online logbooks for pilots, but FatPencil wanted one designed specifically with the user in mind. With formatting designed to fit the screen of your web browser — and your iPad — this logbook solution is tailor-made for the pilot on the go. Built with PHP and jQuery. Read More


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Case Study: Dinner Studio

Imagine if you didn’t have to cook dinner every night. You wouldn’t be eating out — that would be much too expensive — but just imagine if the ingredients were already prepared, and you just had to heat a few things up to make a home-cooked dinner for you and your family. No shopping, no chopping. Magic, right?

This magic is the product and service of Dinner Studio, a unique, local business that delivers inexpensive, fresh (or frozen, your choice) meals right to your door, ready to cook for dinner tonight. TV dinners in plastic trays these are not — homemade, family-friendly recipes from Gloria Otten, once a well-known executive chef, fill out a long menu that changes every month. Read More …


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