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I would do anything, but I won’t do that

After 15 years of developing websites for scores of clients, I’ve learned a little bit about a lot of things. Perhaps more importantly, I’ve learned a lot about what I don’t do — either because it’s outside my experience, too shady, or just not something that interests me. Read More …

Getting serious about content strategy

This morning, I received this email from a client:

I was looking at blogging and found some real interesting reads. Can you share your experience on blogging and how we can implement this from our WEB site?  I want to link our website to Facebook, LinkedIn, [and use] social media to draw more traffic.  In general, we need to drive SEO.  Can we re-sync on the objectives and see if we are still on plan?

What the client is talking about here is Content Strategy. Content Strategy (the proper noun) is a relatively new field, and it requires a certain amount of work to create and maintain a successful content strategy. Read More …


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