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Bex Brands

We’ve worked with Bex Brands before — most notably on sites for Vida Pilates, Robin Borrelli and her cabinetmaker husband Michael — but they finally found some time in their busy schedule to work on their own website. Read More


Dretloh Aircraft Supply

As a small, family-owned company, Dretloh Aircraft Supply, Inc. had successfully leveraged their connections to grow over several decades. Despite being a pillar of their industry, they hadn’t had a chance to develop a logo or website for themselves. Looking to expand their business, they needed a solid visual foundation to spread their wings. Read More


Reef Experience

Reef Experience is a theme park attraction concept aimed at an up-and-coming beachside resort development that wants to create an experience that guests will want to visit time and time again. Featuring opportunities to interact with both live and replica ocean species, Reef Experience both educates and entertains. Read More

Cloud storage services anymore are a dime-a-dozen. What most people don’t know is that they’re letting these services — and their employees — read their most sensitive documents whether they care or not.’ value proposition takes individual privacy to heart — even they don’t know what’s on their server. Read More


Conejo Valley Car Classic

This simple, one-page website was developed pro-bono to promote the annual car show organized by the Rotary Club of Conejo Valley and Thousand Oaks. Read More



Reichel-Pugh builds performance yachts — and not just any old performance yachts, either — they build nothing but award-winners, including several America’s Cups. Read More


Access to Independence

When website accessibility is critically important to your customers, you come to Honest Code. With over 30 years helping people with disabilities all over Southern California, Access to Independence needed a site they could update themselves, yet be compatible, attractive, and easy to use with their customers’ most popular screen reading and magnification software.



This venture-funded biotech startup needed to look classy — and fast. With a new name and look from Traina Design, they needed a site they could edit themselves … by Saturday. They were on the flight to their premiere trade show when the site launched. A week later, they announced $13 million in new funding.


NetHope Academy

NetHope Academy trains locals in disaster areas to be IT professionals — providing the skills to rebuild lives and lift individuals, families, and entire communities out of poverty.

Read More


Michelle Miller

Michelle is a chemist with a difference: With over a decade in creating custom hair care, skin care, and over-the-counter cosmetic products, she’s nobody’s average lab-rat. Her website is no different, showcasing her many talents.


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