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Dretloh Aircraft Supply

As a small, family-owned company, Dretloh Aircraft Supply, Inc. had successfully leveraged their connections to grow over several decades. Despite being a pillar of their industry, they hadn’t had a chance to develop a logo or website for themselves. Looking to expand their business, they needed a solid visual foundation to spread their wings.

In the business of refurbishing seats, tray tables, arm consoles, and other safety and comfort items for passenger cabins, Dretloh called Honest Code when they wanted an identity and website that spoke to their 40 year commitment to quality.

The logo is designed to have a classic feel to it — perhaps even more classic than 1975 — but it lends an air of authority and stability. In addition to a mark for Dretloh, Honest Code developed a sister logo for A&D Foam Products, Inc., a close subsidiary.

Without a large content pool, Dretloh just need a simple, single page website that gave visitors an idea of the service they offered. Anchored with their new logo, visitors could gather all the information they needed on a single page, and finish their visit ready to make contact.

With a new look, Dretloh is starting the new phase of their company’s journey right — and ready to take flight.

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