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Purple Cloud is a unique communications platform that connects prospective customers with salespeople at their nearest and most convenient retailer. With chat, video, audio, and photo sharing, Purple Cloud smooths out the sales process, making someone ready to buy the minute they step in the store.

Josh Shatkin-Margolis, founder of Purple Cloud, was looking to replace the Bootstrap-based site he quickly put together when starting the company. Working with our friend and colleague Justin Skeesuck at Seen+Noted, Honest Code created a brand to tie the company’s diverse service offering together.

With the new brand in-hand, Honest Code moved onto creating copy and user experience for Purple Cloud’s website. Still built with Bootstrap’s flexible grid system, the new Purple Cloud site positions the company as larger, more competitve, and more impressive than ever before.

Purple Cloud is connecting retailers and customers like never before, and with their new site, can communicate more effectively (in turn) with their customers.

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