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Hunter Industries manufactures the most advanced irrigation products in the world. Sensitive, precise, and flexible, they can keep your landscape looking picture perfect while saving money on your water bill. If, that is, they’re set up properly.

Many homeowners have their irrigation systems set up by professionals. Those professionals tend to err on the side of over-watering: The last thing they want is a phone call from the homeowner saying their lawn is dead.

The Hunter Run Time Calculator, though, helps homeowners through the process of setting their irrigation controller based on what’s growing in their landscape.

In its largest deployment to date, Honest Code developed a full-service web application from start to finish — starting with a content plan and wireframes, and working all the way through coding, database setup, testing, and support.

Using best practices developed by Hunter and used by landscaping professionals worldwide, Honest Code created the logic to take in all the information about a landscape, and return an easy-to-read watering schedule that anyone can use — not just landscape professionals. Just print out the report and keep it with your irrigation controller. When the seasons change, scan the handy QR code with your phone, and get an up-to-date program that adjusts your watering schedule based on your location’s climate.

Using state-of-the-art UI design, a Twitter Bootstrap foundation, and weather data from the National Weather Service, the Hunter Run Time Calculator is an essential tool for every homeowner to keep their landscape looking great — and their water use in check.

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