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Cloud storage services anymore are a dime-a-dozen. What most people don’t know is that they’re letting these services — and their employees — read their most sensitive documents whether they care or not.’ value proposition takes individual privacy to heart — even they don’t know what’s on their server. — formerly — and Honest Code created a whole story around their storage platform, and its unique “zero knowledge” architecture. They wanted to communicate safety, security, and privacy — yet still offer popular features like file sharing and group access. Starting with a two-day strategy session at their Toronto headquarters, and Honest Code worked together to plot a course past the crowded online storage market.

Honest Code wrote clear, concise, memorable copy, and paired it with simple, understandable illustrations to give users at every skill level an introduction to the complex world of privacy and encryption. Every sentence was designed to educate — and empower — potential customers.

We created a crisp, no-nonsense, fully-responsive design for the website, and built it using solid HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. Built primarily for modern and mobile browsers, the site also performs well for those in legacy corporate environments — an important market for the brand.

Additionally, Honest Code extended the look and feel to a variety of electronic collateral: HTML emails, application installers, Keynote presentations, and a custom jQuery UI bundle for their administrator control panel.

Together, and Honest Code built a strategy, look, and foundation for a solid, secure, private storage system that will benefit the internet for years to come.

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